PT INDOTEK is a Balikpapan based auto electrical service company. We offer the full range of auto electrical services as well as Crane LMI monitoring safety systems, HID work lights, a full range LED lights etc for the mining, oil & gas industry all from our office / workshop location in Sepinggan Balikpapan.

Maintenance Program

Technical analysis

A method of component breakdown diagnose by analyzing the failure generated by process of dismantling and part inspection. We relies the knowledge and experiences of the Foreman and support tools for the inspection process. In addition, the failure report will be presented in a straightforward technical language and is equipped with a presentation of photographs of the damaged part.

Parts Exchange Service

We are ready to cope with various issues and cases in Auto Electrical, not least in terms for parts exchange service. Some example of the damage part that usually needs replacement/exchange are following as :

- Starter Motor : Solenoid, Drive, Armature, Field Coil, Bearing, Bushing, Brushes, etc.

- Alternator : Regulator, Bearing, Rectifier, Stator and Coil Rewinding, etc.

Custom Track Service

All the complete data of the component that we received are recorded and traceable both in computerize system and hardcopy data.

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