PT INDOTEK is a Balikpapan based auto electrical service company. We offer the full range of auto electrical services as well as Crane LMI monitoring safety systems, HID work lights, a full range LED lights etc for the mining, oil & gas industry all from our office / workshop location in Sepinggan Balikpapan.
General Lighting


12V 850mA 16W Controlled Fluorescent


Description The slim design of this light unit allows for ultimate headroom preservation; the surface mounted unit is only
34mm in height. Supplied complete with two 8W fluorescent tubes, this light unit provides a high light output,
low current drain light unit for use with either a 12V or 24V power source. The chassis is fabricated from an
aluminium sheet and this secures both the inverter and the fluorescent tubes. A clear, diamond patterned
shade covers the chassis and also incorporates an ON / OFF push switch.
Spare parts
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