PT INDOTEK is a Balikpapan based auto electrical service company. We offer the full range of auto electrical services as well as Crane LMI monitoring safety systems, HID work lights, a full range LED lights etc for the mining, oil & gas industry all from our office / workshop location in Sepinggan Balikpapan.
Led Lighting


162 / 182 PIRANHA® LED 2-1/2” Clearance / Side Marker Lights


• Round, 2-1/2” sealed LED light functions as clearance, side
  marker or identifi cation light.
• 162 series accepts industry standard 2-prong plug.
• 182 series is hard wired, eliminating plug.
• 182 series comes standard with a #10 ring terminal on the ground
  wire; hot wire is blunt cut.
• 9-16 volt operating range.
• 162 series is available for grommet mount, or with fl ush- mount or
  surface-mount fl ange sonic welded to form single unit.
• V162KA and -KR visual pack kits include LED light, 142-18
  mounting grommet and 162-49 plug.
• See mounting accessories section for additional mounting options.
• Available in amber or red.



Std. Carton

 amber, fl ush mt.

 mfg. pack


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